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Grave Care of Antalya.* Grave Flowering.* Regular watering.* Regular Maintenance.* Uploading photos to our custom system.* SMS Notification.


Turkey Grave General Construction.* Direct sales from the factory without intermediaries.* Guaranteed construction of grave models.* Marble, granite travertine, stone options.* Choice from our catalog. Receiving price.* Renovation and repair work.


Turkey General No Construction.* Granite, stone, sun resistant picture.* Porcelain, sun resistant painting, printing.* Sun-resistant picture on glass.* Ataturk corner.* Souvenir picture.


First, holding customer demands and satisfaction in the forefront, and our professionals firm, National and Local Visual Publications, National and local press, foreign press and 500 on the Internet (five hundred) close news sites and web portals also very spacious find a place to have and industry in Turkey ‘s most popular company was.

Within a short time in Antalya in Turkey and graves, the cemetery and grave maintenance works, the company was giving direction to the sector.

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With our installment options that we provide to Credit Cards and mail order payment methods, you can benefit from grave models and grave care services and special packages with prices suitable for each budget.

Antalya Grave Care Grave Construction Services, Credit Card, Virtual Card, Mail Order method that provides installments, Antalya is the first company.


Landscape Architect and Agricultural Engineer Supervision.


In Company Guarantee.


Before the maintenance of the grave, maintenance and maintenance, the photograph is uploaded to our personalized system.

You are informed by SMS.

This allows you to keep track of the actions performed.

Grave Care and Grave Construction in Antalya;

It provides one-time flowering and grave care services at all cemeteries connected to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Cemeteries Directorate.

On Grave Care Service, It is the first legal company in Antalya.

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Now, we have emerged in order to create creative solutions, projects and make a difference in the ordinary burial market.

We make special designs in order to make a difference in some projects and add a different style to the grave.

Project works are done and designed by us.

The implementation of each project under our control, our teams, meticulously and with pleasure.

If you want a difference in the world of graves and marble, you’re in the right place.

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Location detection. (Is the ground even? Is the slope? Is there a difference in the denim? Etc.)
Understanding the customer and the job. (stone decision making, perimeter wall, stone to be used, wrought iron, flooring, veneer, marble, granite, travertine, etc.)
3D drawing. (design, sizing, 3d, tridimax, autocad, architectural approach, drawing etc.)
Dug, double-layered or single-ply excavations, knitting, plastering, closing of covers. (Using briquettes or concrete blocks, etc.)
Concrete casting to the floor.
Building a briquette on the ground concrete.
Wall covering, handrail, flooring, etc.
Optional, family cemetery wrought iron, fencing.


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Marble, travertine, granite, andesite, engineered stone from the quarry, such as blasting stone, unmediated from the factory, the marble tomb, travertine grave, granite tombs, mausoleums, blocks grave, grave works with our thick stone tomb models at affordable prices Mediterranean region and Turkey in general with our wide range of model options.

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If you can’t find time for our office because of time loss, work intensity or other reasons, you will be able to tell us about your information about grave construction, tombstones, grave models and grave care at your home or at your workplace. free </strong > are ready to give.

This service is is again a first in Turkey and Antalya.

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Although we make use of all the benefits of technology, our civil engineers and hand craftsmen with our masters, We provide three-dimensional, design and project services.


Marble stone head, granite head stone, travertine head stone, block or thick head stone options for tombs.

Price options are priced according to the thickness, size and workmanship of the stone.

We write every type of typeface and head character.

Logo design, patterned, picture tombstone works on stones such as Atatürk corner, marble, granite and travertine are done with zero error on computer aided machines.

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Types of painting on the head stones; granite laser painting, marble and travertine porcelain painting and glass painting options are available. We make various sizes and sizes.


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Grave Construction in Antalya Kabir Maintenance As Mehmet Çetin (QR code), we made the first by using the square code application.

You will send to us, knowledge, life story, birth, death, name, surname, prayer, video, picture, poetry, a special day, family photos, etc. ölüm We create a page where everything can be added to your life. Thanks to the bar code, visitors to the grave will be able to see the information of the deceased by reading the smartphone and thus have the chance to live the memory for years.

The square code can be used for new tombs and can be applied to existing graves. We also send the square code work for the grave belonging to your current relative, who is currently being made, by cargo from the province or abroad.

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about the application of
square code, please



In and around Antalya;

  • Marble, Granite, Belenco, Calisco and Çimstone Kitchen counter.
  • Marble, Granite bathroom counter.
  • Construction applications.
  • We make all kinds of marble, travertine and granite applications such as stair step, window sill, flooring and covering.
ABOUT USAntalya Kabir Maintenance Tomb Construction Mehmet Cetin: Grave Maintenance, Grave Production Sector; - Success with homework subjects in college, Turkey's first and only company. - National and International also made the most news, Turkey's first and only company. - 2011 and 2013 that the international conference, Turkey's first and only company. - ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate, Turkey's first and only company. - President of the Association for Funeral Services. Some of our past success and also with Turkey as from a company that is able firsts. People's spiritual feelings can sometimes override everything. In the best way for a deceased relative, people who want to be comfortable can also need something to satisfy such spiritual feelings. In order to meet these needs in the best way, which is established in order to keep these people in peace in Antalya Kabir Care Grave Construction in order to keep all kinds of grave care, grave construction operations in Antalya cemeteries first decided to perform in 2008. Over time, our company tries to make all this work within the scope of Turkey, increasing the payment options that everyone has taken a major step in to take advantage of this service. Our company, which aims to keep the graves cleanly by applying all kinds of care and spraying, also deserves praise for its grave construction services and its success in business. Very high quality services such as grave maintenance and grave construction service, which is considered to be a very useful process, have been presented to the taste of people, we have brought these two services together at an affordable price and brought them into an important business with positive references. Our company, which has made this quality service expectation for many years, has proven itself in a sense.
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