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Dilara’ya ‘butterfly’ gravestone

In Antalya, Dilara Akıncı, who lost his life when he was 24 because of the systemic Lupus Erythematosus known as ‘butterfly disease’ among the people, was made a butterfly by his family.

Electric technician Dilara Akinci, died 1 year before the disease. After the diagnosis of inconvenience, they lost their daughter in a short time, in 1996, died in the grave of his mother Annan Korkmaz’s burial, Dilara anya disease, and the favorite animal in the form of a purple butterfly in the form of tombstone decided to make.

After the unexpected death, the Akıncı family, who wanted to keep the memory of Dilara, started to work on by contacting Mehmet Çetin, the owner of the grave care and grave production company in Antalya, by making a special three-dimensional drawing and design. In the first year of the death of his daughters, he found a tombstone with a purple butterfly on the head of his grave. Dilara’s interest in the purple butterfly, reflecting the grave of the same color and decorating the same color, the tomb hanged the tombstone. Head of the grave “butterfly, you’re always with us, we love you and we miss you” print the Akıncı family, Dilara is planning to marry her lover’s bizim called this life in the radio called the feeling of unconsciousness again. I have accompanied my sake with the sake of my Lord, ediy he said.

Dilara’nin memories of trying to keep the mother Nesrin Akıncı, visited the cemetery every day, said that the prayer to read and maintain. Dilara’nın is full of life and loves to live expressing Nesrin Akıncı, expressed her longing for her daughter.

Dilara’s older sister Didem, brother’s purple butterfly because of the love of the gravestone in the form of a butterfly in the form of the drawing said.

Lupus disease

President of the Turkish Dermatology Association, who gave information about lupus disease. Dr. Ertan Yilmaz, the immune system due to the damage caused by the functioning of the disease due to tissue and organ inflammation is seen in different types. A type of the disease of the kidney, lung and heart as a result of the effects of fatal cases of Professor Prof. Dr. Yilmaz, some patients in the face of the nose around the nose of the cheeks of the butterfly appearance of the body in the form of the manifestations noted that the girl.


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