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The number of tourists fell at the funeral companies also fell.

Private companies that offer funeral services to foreigners in Antalya are experiencing difficult times due to the crisis in the tourism sector, which is one of the most important sources of income.

Companies carrying out the funeral of foreign tourists who died due to drowning, heart attacks, falls and traffic accidents are shrinking due to the contraction in the sector. The owner of the Funeral Service and the Funeral Services Association (CENHİZDER) President Mehmet Çetin noted that the crisis in tourism had also affected the funeral services and a 50 percent reduction in their jobs.

The negative weather, which started with the reduction of Russian aircraft on November 24, 2015, and the peak of terrorist attacks in Ankara and Istanbul, also negatively affected tourism in Antalya. Many sectors related to tourism were heavily wounded, and private funeral services in Antalya were also hit. It was stated that the works at the funeral companies mainly in Russia and Germany fell by half and some of them went down.

Funeral Services Association (CENHİZD) President Mehmet Cetin, Turkey noted that the general interest in a sector that they and 55 members.

Çetin said that there are members of the cities where tourism is intense. “55 sectors which are closely related to tourism are called but we are also included. So there are 56 sectors. 56 sectors are doing business related to tourism. serious decline began to happen, “he said.


Tourists coming to Antalya, drowning, heart attacks, falls and deaths due to various accidents reported Çetin, “50 percent decline in our work. Many companies sold some of the funeral cars, went to reduce staff. Tourists are not funeral. Season is just opening. But we are hopeful for the future. The loss of Russian tourists is seen as a minus. Antalya is the only source of funeral companies in the tourism sector. We are working with foreign tourists, not locals, “he said. Cetin, the Russian and German tourists in the sector, they have emphasized that they are serving.

Murat Arslanoglu, a member of the Arbitration Committee of the European Funeral Services Federation and Burial Burial Services, said that the funeral services in Antalya are progressing in parallel with tourism and stressed that they are in a crisis in the recent period.


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