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He turned the crisis into an opportunity, he began to earn bread from the graves.
The young entrepreneur, who was the dealer of a paint company in Antalya, did not go well due to the global crisis, so he suspended his activity and turned to new searches. A thought came to the young person who visited his grandfather’s grave in difficult days to enter the grave care business. moving from the lack of maintenance of the graves in Turkey 29-year-old Mehmet Cetin, establishing a company that provides maintenance Antalya tomb tomb construction services, it began to advertise through site. The young entrepreneur, who took 10 jobs in 15 days, started receiving dozens of phone calls and e-mails per day.

‘Turn the crisis into an opportunity’ discourse in Antalya was found. Mehmet Çetin, who has been active in different areas of trade, has found a solution to change the sector. However, it is interesting for those who hear about the new activity of Çetin in the first place. Because she doesn’t make the living out of the dead, she makes money. The young entrepreneur who founded a company called iyor Antalya Kabir Maintenance and Grave Building Service Bakım operates in 2 big cemeteries in the city. Cetin, who is looking after the graves that are left unspeakable because of not being visited by his relatives, after cleaning, especially cleaning, cleaning the grass, arranging the soil and completing it, watering. Optionally sewing new flowers, fertilizing.

People are unemployed at a time when the bread out of the dead Mehmet Cetin, relatives of the ‘already there is crisis. People don’t spend money on such a job. ‘ he said, ‘But the biggest complaint I received is the price. It is said to be very low. I’m getting a little figure. I even have customers who say ‘raise’. ‘ he speaks.

Mehmet Çetin’s grave was caused by his grandfather’s realization that this was an open direction in Antalya. The grandfather of the grave of Andun cemetery, describing the Cetin, ‘3 years ago, the grave of the soil collapsed, but somehow I could not find an opportunity to work. I realized there were many people in my case. Then I dropped a note on my computer. Today I put it into practice. ‘ said. Explaining that belong to the municipalities of the cleaning and maintenance of cemeteries in Turkey Cetin, ‘but they do not do personal care. Our graves are derelict. 90 percent of my customers only visit the grave of their relatives during holidays, he says. We all know the graves in the west. Well maintained and very clean. We have a great shortage in this issue. ‘ he said.

Kabir care about religious, flower planting and care indicating that the act of consulting with the Çetin Çetin, ‘I investigated the religious dimension of the work. I’ve written with the messenger. There is information on my website about Kabir Adab. I tell people how to act when they go to the messenger. ‘ in the form of.

Serving at the Muslim cemeteries for the time being, Mehmet Cetin says he will grow and develop his business. Stating that he planned to provide care services to non-Muslim graves in Antalya, Çetin said that he would make his website available in English, German and Russian languages ​​other than Turkish. In the following days, the young entrepreneur who plans to give dealership, is contracting with customers. Kabir care services vary between 50 and 330 TL per year. After the service which has the possibility of installment to the credit card, the grave of the tomb is taken and the final version of the tomb is sent to the customer by e-mail.

Agreed for the care of his father’s grave German teacher Osman Dagli, expressed satisfaction with the service provided by the flyer of his car with the following words: ‘My father passed away in January of 2000. We did not have the chance to visit our grave frequently. Sometimes we were negligent. There have been times when I visit once or not once. But now the grave is cared every week. That’s a nice service. ‘

Maintenance varies according to the seasons. In winter need to go further to the graves that need less care. Seasonal packages were created for this. The price of the standard, normal and full package is between 50 and 330 YTL. Maintenance period starting from 6 per year can be up to 72 times per year.

Special transportation services are offered to those who are unable to realize the visit alone, while chrysanthemums, daffodils, ice flowers, mules, lilies and roses are the first in the cemeteries.


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