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Love of the world. But the severity is different. Minority, multiplicity varies according to the love of the world. Azap is the result of the heart being connected to Earth. There is no punishment for obedience. However, he feels the violence and greatness of the cabrin.

Resulullah (s.a.v)

When the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) passed through a cemetery, he saw that the deceased in two graves suffered from torment for some small things. One of the dead in these two graves was a word carrier and the other did not abstain from urine. So, the Messenger of Allah (a.s.) took a branch, divided the middle in two, and one piece of each piece is sewn one by one. Seeing this, the ashap asked why he did so; “As long as these two branches do not dry out, it is hoped that the punishment of those two will be alleviated.” they command.

Visit to the Tomb

The Islamic religion, as well as in life, gave the people the necessary value and showed respect, and determined the treatment to be made from the moment it died. For this reason, the religion of Islam, regular and regular settlement of the cemetery, clean and greening, the people living in the dead will see a loyalty against the dead. Even so, our religion values ​​the memory of the dead, not the corpse of the dead. Hz. Prophet (peace be upon him) üler Hear your dead with silence ((Tirmidhi, Gen., 34).


1) Protecting the graves and graveyards, keeping them clean, greening and foresting are the tasks of the survivors.

2) One day a week to visit the tombs. It is better to have this visit especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

3) the Muslim visit to the graves and the cemetery; Hz. Suggested in the Prophet (pbuh) is a beautiful behavior.

4) Indeed, Hz. In a hadith of the Prophet (pbuh), he said, “Please visit the tombs because the visit to the tomb reminds you of death.”

5) The sins of the parents, those who visit on Fridays, forgive their sins and pay their rights.

6) It is sunnah to visit the tomb to take the sign of the dead and think about the Hereafter.

7) He would also think that he would fall into the same situation. He doesn’t think of evil. He tries to live as a good Muslim.


Reading the Prayer to the Dead Through a Cemetery

Two hadith-saying is as follows: “If anyone who enters the Kabristah reads the Surah Yasin, on that day the torments of the dead will be relieved, and the number of the dead will be given to him as well, and if he is pronounced eleven, and sent unto the dead.

What Prayers in the Grave Visit?

When you enter the Kabristana, standing “Esselâmü aleyküm, yâ ehle dâr-il kavm-il seninîn! İnnâ inşâallahü an karîbin bikum lahikûn” is called.

Besmeleyle, 11 Violations and one after Fatiha “Allahumme rabbel-ecsadilbâliyeh, vel-isâmin nahiretilletî harecet mineddünya and hiye bike mu’minetün, edhıl aleyhâ revhan min indignation and selamen minnî” prayer should read.

When it comes to the grave, the bowl should be approached by the Qibla and the foot. Standing, crouching or sitting, the head and the end of the time of Surah Bekara, Yasin-i sherif, Tebareke, Tekasur, Ihlas and Fatiha suras must read and gift to the dead.

In the case of a hadith sheriff, it is as follows: When visiting the grave of a believer, if the word ü Allahümme innî es’elüke-bi-hürmeti Muhammed aleyhisselâm en lâ tüazzibe hâzelmeyyit ali is called, the punishment of the deceased shall be removed until the Day of Resurrection.

Reading the Quran in Kabbalah is Sunna. He should read the Qur’an in the cemetery and present his love to the dead.

In the Bible, it can be read out loud or slow Surah or other surahs. Those who intend to relax by hearing the voice of the Quran read aloud.


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