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İbradı Cemetery Grave Construction

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The foundation date of the İbradi, located within the borders of Psidia, is not known. However, it is estimated that the remnants of Ibradi and its surroundings extend to the Roman period. 7 km from Ormana Municipality. remnants of the ancient city of Erymna in the Helenic Period. The distance between Antalya and Ibradi is 137 km. This distance will take approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes by car.

İbradı Cemeteries;

Ormana MUSA KUYUSU, Ormana DEDEOĞLU MEZ., Ormana TÜRBE, Ormana SINAT, Ormana ANDIZLIK, Ormana MAHDUM BEL., Aşağı Harman, Yukarı Harman, Aşağı Harman, Çukurviran Çukurviran, Ürünlü Bağ Arası.


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