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Grave Model 22 – N

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Product Description:

  • The anchor was anchored to the foundation at the construction stage of the tomb in order to prevent the tomb from collapsing and lying on its side.

  • In the later periods of the grave so that the opening and disintegration of the case is not a system of gluing joints, the system was passed.

  • Headstone font, long-lasting to be written in the system of special writing machine.

  • Stuck to anchor under the anchor, not sticking, to avoid losing water.

  • Plenty of cement and sand used.

  • Kabrin land free.

Model Details

Usage Areas: Graves, graves, graves, grave stones, interior and exterior construction applications, windowsills, stairs, handrail, kitchen countertops, balconies, covering, flooring, monuments, sculptures, fireplace, columns, baths, baths, bauble , kurna, vase, chandelier, sugar bowl, drinker, column, flower pot and souvenirs etc. mosaic, artificial marble and paledyen are also used in the production of goods such as mosaics and marble pieces.

Warning: Pictures of these stones on our site, depending on the naturalness of the material, may vary slightly according to the original. Since photographic shoots are made in daylight, there cannot be any responsibility for the construction of the grave in Antalya.