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Kepez Cemetery Grave Construction

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Until the beginning of the 1970s, the city of Antalya, the former SSK Hospital north of the road, Beyazbina kent called the place ends. Local buses and minibuses, ’They would come back to Beyazbina and go back again. After that, there were frequent pieces of rock and occasional rock. The meaning of the word aç rocky area on the shore gelen and the crown that the brides wear on their heads ları Kepez crowns the plain in the north of Antalya as a bride’s head. Until the 1960s, the city of Antalya was a bit ahead of the Sarampol district; ‘Social Security (SSK) Hospital, just north of the former, Antalya people” Beyazbina “in what he called the end. It is the point where Güllük and Şarampol Streets meet today as they climb to Çallı. The so-called white building was nothing more than a whitewashed road maintenance and control house built by the highways in the 1950s. The center is 3 km from ANTALYA and KEPEZ, ANTALYA. The distance between the center, Antalya – Kepez, Antalya will take approximately 8 minutes.

Kepez Cemeteries;

Duacı, Kirişçiler, Kızıllı Kızılören, Kızıllı Köyiçi.


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