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Kırmızı Traverten

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Product Name: Kırmızı Traverten

Unit Volume Weight:

Compressive Strength:

Bending Resistance:

Water Absorption Rate:


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Travertine comes from Tivoli, the Roman name of Tivoli, where there are large travertine deposits in Italy. Travertine is a versatile rock, which is formed by precipitation due to chemical reactions due to various reasons and environments.
Model Details

Uses: Villas, Park, Garden, Camping areas, Tourist areas, Restaurants, School, Home, Sites, Washbasin wall, Neighborhood, Village Hayrat Fountain, Cottage, Ottoman Motif, Square, Military, Barracks, Sauna, Hayrat, Charitable, Mosque, Ablution, Şadırvan, Qasristan, Cemetery, For martyrs, Grave, grave, grave construction, grave stones, indoor and outdoor construction applications, windowsills, stairs, handrail, kitchen counter, balcony, veneer, flooring, monuments, sculptures, fireplace, columns, baths, baths, trinket, kurna, vase, chandelier, sugar bowl, drinker, column, flower pot and souvenirs and so on. mosaic, artificial marble and paledyen are also used in the production of goods such as mosaics and marble pieces.

Warning: Pictures of these stones on our site, depending on the naturalness of the material, may vary slightly from the original. Since photographic shoots are made in daylight, there cannot be any responsibility for the construction of the grave in Antalya.