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Landscape Green

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Name of the product: Landscape Green
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Marble is a composition formed by recrystallization of limestone and dolomitic limestones as a result of metomorphism. 90-98% of the compounds consist of CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate). It contains MgCO3 (Magnesium carbonate) in low ratio. In the marbles made up of CaCO3 crystals, the primary mineral is ”Calcite Ca. At the same time, a small amount of silica, silica, feldspar, iron oxide, mica, fluorine and organic substances can be found. Their colors are usually white and gray. However, they can also be yellow, pink, red, bluish, brown and black. When examined under a microscope, it is seen that it is composed of "Calcite Crystals" which are closely interlocked.

Industrial meaning “marble da; every kind of stone that can be cut and polished can be considered as marble. Regardless of the type and content of the stone, large-sized blocks can be obtained, such as cutting and polishing features, such as stone is considered to be accepted as marble. Granite, diabase, leucite, syenite, fanolite and serpentines such as magma derived from the rocks that fall into the definition of marble.
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Uses: Villas, Park, Garden, Camping areas, Tourist areas, Restaurants, School, Home, Sites, Washbasin wall, Neighborhood, Village Hayrat Fountain, Cottage, Ottoman Motif, Square, Military, Barracks, Sauna, Hayrat, Charitable, Mosque, Ablution, Şadırvan, Qasristan, Cemetery, For martyrs, Grave, grave, grave construction, grave stones, indoor and outdoor construction applications, windowsills, stairs, handrail, kitchen counter, balcony, veneer, flooring, monuments, sculptures, fireplace, columns, baths, baths, trinket, kurna, vase, chandelier, sugar bowl, drinker, column, flower pot and souvenirs and so on. mosaic, artificial marble and paledyen are also used in the production of goods such as mosaics and marble pieces.

Warning: Pictures of these stones on our site, depending on the naturalness of the material, may vary slightly from the original. Since photographic shoots are made in daylight, there cannot be any responsibility for the construction of the grave in Antalya.