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Grave care for 30 pounds per month

Mehmet Çetin, who founded a grave care tomb production company in Antalya, provides tomb care services to those who want to see a beautiful, well-groomed and religious day with the anniversary of his death, the anniversary of his death, mother’s day, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, holiday.

Mehmet Çetin, who established a grave care grave production company in Antalya, is making grave care services to those who want to see a beautiful and well-groomed, religious day, celebration of the death of his loved one, the anniversary of his birthday, mother’s day, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, religious day.

32-year-old Mehmet Cetin, who can not be visited by relatives because of the maintenance of the graves and untouched by cleaning the flowers, grave maintenance and repair services to customers. When he visited the grave of his grandfather and realized that the tomb was neglected when he visited the tomb, he decided to establish a company providing grave care and tomb construction services.

Maintenance of 300 graves

The cemetery in Antalya cemetery of the relatives of those who frequently visit 300 graves, indicating that the maintenance of 300 graves Çetin ruins unnecessary herbs cleaning, according to the season, such as stitching operations were done.

Company Name Çetin stated that he was in contact with his customers via the website and that he would like to have the grave of his deceased relatives cared for on special days such as birthday, marriage and death anniversary, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, holiday, oil lamp. According to the demand of customers died in the team, the color of the flower of the beloved, sewn to a piece of toys or toy that was attached to the grave stone, he said.


Grave special care for 75 pounds per month, the cheapest maintenance fee of 30 pounds is expressed that Çetin, credit card payment by providing installments to customers, he said. Çetin, said:

“I do maintenance on the grave once or 4 times a month according to the wishes of my customers. I am doing gravestone, cleaning of the dry grass, renewing the soil and strengthening the plants. We work with the landscape architect in the grave care. pulling, pre-maintenance and post-mail or mobile phone to send our message to our customers. 4 years ago in the company I’ve established now have 5 employees. ”


Çetin said that his company received ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in November of last year. ISO 9001 certified quality care single graves in Turkey, a firm providing construction services graves themselves, indicating that Cetin, service quality and customer satisfaction voiced by crowning this document.




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