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QR Code Tomb

(QR) SQUARE CODE SYSTEM: Antalya Grave Maintenance Tomb Construction As Mehmet Çetin, we realized the first by using (QR code) QR code application.

The square code can be used for new tombs as well as for old and existing tombs.
We also send the square code work for the grave of your relative that is old and currently existing by cargo abroad or abroad.
Thoughts, pictures, articles, videos, new or old graves that do not fit into the stone, no matter where they are in the world, thanks to this system that can be applied to all graves (Qr code, square code), you will have a very low cost. </ strong >
We are creating a page where you can add information, life story, birth, death, name and surname, prayer, video, picture, poem, a special day, family photo, etc. that you will send us. </ strong>
Thanks to the bar code, visitors who come to the grave will be able to see the deceased information by reading them on a smart phone and thus have the chance to keep their memory alive for years. Pictures of the deceased person fade or deform over time. Thanks to this system, we preserve your pictures and memories.
We generally process the data matrix system to stainless steel or garnite.
In our newly built graves, we fix the QR code on the headstone or on the place you want in the grave.
If you want a data matrix for an old grave, we send the QR code piece we produce by cargo. You can easily stick it with silicone.