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1- We extend our condolences to the family of the dear deceased and our family of sad sufferers.

2- Death has come and received Our dear, GOD has received the appreciation of the Hereafter Hereafter, Our prayers with your loved ones Your right Thank you Best wishes to you.

3- How to Meet You in a Beautiful Day We are always with you on your bad day.

4- You get the right place for your sins.

5- Human beings are born and live and dies, the important of which is in the time of his duties Prayers Our Lord Is Right Let our heads.

6- The sadness does not pass within us Prayers in the Lord Prayım Let us pray heaven, let your head be right, Let’s be a bit.

7- The painful realities of life Revenue comes one day We do not hope in a moment, share your pain from the inside Pray to the soul We are right.

8- What if we did what we did in life We made ourselves to prepare the Hereafter.

9- In the mortal world that we are maintaining our lives Do not forget that we are at your side in your bad day, Your head is right, God help you.

10- One day comes to the end This canda comes One day Smiley Eyes Nets at a time, always Pray Let’s clean our heart Let’s feel in our lives Let your head be right.

11- Let the beauties of heaven touch our souls, Let’s not fear the fear of ALLAH from our hearts Let us know the philosophy of life as philosophical.

12- ALLAH Place heaven to accept our prayers, We share your pain with you God give family and relatives.


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