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He committed the greatest passion of his wife to the grave.

Ingrid Akdemir who lives in the town of Manavgat, Antalya, Zekeriya Akdemirlis very loving husband, wearing a hat, had his headstone shaped as a hat.

Ingrid Akdemir, who lives in ÇOLAKLI neighborhood, lost his wife Zekeriya Akdemir to lung cancer in March 2015. Ingrid Akdemir, the grave of the burial of his wife buried in the tomb of the owner of the grave and grave construction firm in Antalya, the funeral services Association President Mehmet Cetin applied. Akdemir, indicating that his wife’s greatest pleasure hat and scarf, asked him to make a headstone in the form of a hat. In 25 days, a special marble stone made of grave and hat shaped by the team was assembled by 6 hours.


Akdemir expressed that he was happy to be able to live the memory of his wife for a little bit. Dile My husband’s biggest pleasure was the wearing of hats and scarves. Even at home, surely he would have a hat on his head, a scarf on his neck. He never came out without a hat. We had a great time together, we got old together. We tried to be happy in life. Believing that he would be happy, I had the figurative tombstone made with the hat. I believe that this will make him happy. Bun

“I had a request in the form of hats”
Mehmet Çetin, whose grave was made by his grandson, reported that interesting tombstone orders were received from his customers. Generally the person who died on the grave stone of the most beloved objects voiced Çetin said, gr Swedish Ingrid Akdemir his wife who died in the hat and the grave stone in the form of hats wanted us to do. Since we did not have an example, we made a three-dimensional drawing and presented several sample projects. Loved and completed the tomb with the hat-shaped stone in a month. We assembled for 6 hours. The price does not have much of a difference from other graves. The tombs used to be more magnificent. According to the wishes of our customers, we are making graves and stones Biz.


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