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She took her bread from the grave

Cemetery maintenance services for the first time to institutionalize Mehmet Cetin of Turkey’s success story was the subject of homework in college.

The success story of the entrepreneur Mehmet Çetin from Antalya was the subject of homework at the university. Çetin, who has been working in many different sectors from the restaurant industry to the textile sector, from the model to the construction sector, was thrown into a completely different sector in 2008. In 2008, exactly when the economic crisis ravaged the world, money, and so to speak, died in the grave, Mehmet Çetin removed his money from the grave.


Çetin, who signed an interesting business idea and initiative with his web site called, was established as a homework topic at the university. Afyon Kocatepe University Bolvadin School of Applied Sciences Accounting Tansu Filiz, a third year student, chose Çetin’s story as the topic of homework in the entrepreneurship class. It was learned that Filiz will select the story of Mehmet Çetin as the subject of his thesis.


Cetin, cemetery, the first company to provide corporate services in the area of ​​care. Stating that they have formalized their quality by taking ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in 2011, Çetin said that they received support from the landscape architect and agricultural engineer for the selection of flowers and that only three staff were working for the grave care. Çetin said that he provided maintenance services to more than 500 graves in 9 cemeteries throughout Antalya, especially politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen. Cetin, grave maintenance, as well as three-dimensional grave drawing and grave construction, stating that the work, today, only 3 of the grave maintenance staff told.

Mehmet Çetin’s clients include famous artist Gülben Ergen. He lost his elder brother Rıfat Ergen in 1989 and his father Mazhar Ergen was lost in 2000. He receives care for the tombs of his relatives who live in Antalya Andunli Cemetary. Routine maintenance, which is a weekly day, has reached three times a week according to the special request of Gülben Ergen. Adolescent, his father and brother’s graves are sent to the status of graves with cemetery photographs.


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