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An entrepreneur in Antalya was inspired by his grandfather’s neglected grave and established a company for grave care

A young entrepreneur in Antalya, the grandfather could not go inspired by the grave of the company founded. The young entrepreneur who paid tribute to his team for money paid 800 fixed customers in 9 years without worrying about the dır money won from the grave E critics.
The young entrepreneur, who was the dealership of a paint company in Antalya, turned to new searches by suspending its activities 9 years ago because of the global crisis. Young people who visited his grandfather’s grave in distressed days came to the grave care business. moving from 37-year-old Mehmet Cetin neglect the graves in Turkey, Antalya grave care, began to set up a company presentation that tomb construction services.

With a team of 15 people, can not be visited by relatives to care for the remaining graves, Çetin, cleaning, especially after doing general maintenance, cleaning the graves, soil, watering, arranging. Çetin, which makes optional grave design and flower planting, delivers the final version of the tomb to its customers with videos and photographs. The young entrepreneur, who reached 800 fixed customers in 9 years, began to receive dozens of phone and electronic mail in a day. Turkey could not take care of intense work in or outside the city, who care for the graves of relatives of people outside the country can not come Mehmet Cetin, experiencing great intensity nowadays.

“15 people employed”

Starting today with a small team and providing employment to 15 people in the sector Çetin, “grave construction, design, drawing, special, change, care, flowering, soil replacement, cleaning, such as after taking care of the grave, the photos we took or mail to the customer social networking site through the transport, “he said.

“Arefe and density is increasing on important days”

The most demand for special occasions, pre-feasts and oil lamps is the time transfer Mehmet Çetin, people on the anniversary of the death of their wives cared for the importance of the grave noted. Çetin stated that the majority of the customers are from the country-wide, “Besides, there is demand from the Turks living in Germany, Britain, Saudi Arabia, China, Netherlands and France. There are also customers who want to care for them. We give them this service,” he said.

In addition to grave maintenance, Çetin emphasized that their customers should consider interesting, different, special, model, design tombstone and flower choices to be planted.

He didn’t mind the critique of ‘dead money is won’, but he did

“We answer the need”

Turkey in an area of ​​activity that expresses walked Mehmet Cetin’s needed, “They’re trying very busy because of the people living in metropolitan affairs. Core none-working people in a family. Our citizens abroad can not come anyway at any time. Can not be non Dawn and came near the tomb people need us. We are fixing this need. We are as close as a telephone (00 90 242 326 4 325). We want to follow the important days we have customers, we are following them on the day of care services are giving, “he said.

“He didn’t care for criticism”

Çetin told that he received criticism when he started work, “The work I do for people sounded funny.” Who gives money to the grave care, why pay the tomb care? ” This was a need. I took my grandfather. I love my grandfather, but his tomb can not go on time, I planted flowers at intervals I could not water. At first I saw the reaction. Now I’m being onure.

“Has reached 800 customers”

Çetin said they had nearly 100 thousand tombs in the city center of Antalya. “He sees them as well-kept and flowered.”


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